Main legal proceedings and related events in Italy from 2017 to date.


12 December 2017

The Statis file an ex parte application before the Rome Court of Appeal for recognition and enforcement of the arbitral award in Italy.


29 January 2018

The Rome Court of Appeal grants the Statis’ application for recognition and enforcement of the award in Italy.

14 May 2018

Kazakhstan files an opposition to the order recognizing and granting enforcement of the arbitral award in Italy, arguing, among other things, that it was obtained by fraud.

7 November 2018

Hearing in the Rome Court of Appeal.


27 February 2019

Following a twenty-minute hearing, the Rome Court of Appeal rejects Kazakhstan’s arguments and declares that the arbitral award can be enforced in Italy.

14 May 2019

Kazakhstan files an appeal before the Supreme Court of Cassation.


25 October 2021

An opinion filed by the Public Attorney before the Supreme Court, concludes for the rejection of RoK’s appeal.


2 February 2022

The Italian Supreme Court upheld the Rome Court of Appeal’s decision of February 2019. The Rome Court of Appeal’s judgement was fully reliant on the Swedish Svea Court of Appeal’s decision to dismiss Kazakhstan’s petition to set aside the award – a move that the Belgian Court of Appeal judged to be ill-founded in its 22 November 2021 decision to set aside the award, finding that the Statis’ “deliberately misled the Swedish courts” and prevented them from “ruling on the matter on the basis of all the information and evidence available.”